Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer Classes

If your looking to take some dance classes over the summer, there are tons of places to do it, especially if your in or close to the city! Most of the big studios like Alvin Ailey (http://www.alvinailey.org/), Steps (http://www.stepsnyc.com/) or Peridance (http://peridance.com/), give different classes like ballet, modern, hip-hop, and jazz. For more specified forms of dance, the best thing to do is just "google" it and a studio will come up with information. Taking open classes in the city is a good experience for everyone. Especially for young dancers who are trying to make it into the professional dance world because most of the studios have big names giving master classes and a lot of teachers and company members take open classes when either the company is not in season or they are just looking for something a little different. I have been in a class at StepsNYC, and seen many professional dancers that were taking the same class as me. I was young and to see and watch the professionals dance and how they act during class gave me an idea of professionalism and how it is different from the classes given to middle and high schoolers. My dance teachers before college have also brought me to open classes in the city in order to prepare for an audition. It is a good way to keep up technique over the summer because most dancers take the summer off unless they are in season. And its a fun way to meet other members of the dancing world outside of your studio!


  1. Its true there are many dance classes and one can simply Google them to find out about them, their location, etc. The confusion is not only what class to select, but out of so many different dance styles which dance should we learn.
    Here I have 5 dance styles that everyone should learn irrespective of he is a dancer or not. Dance is the most beautiful form of art man knows and so one should definitely try these- http://stepngroovedance.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/top-5-dance-styles-everyone-should-learn/