Sunday, February 28, 2010

Males and Ballet

For the guys that would never imagine putting on dancer belts (male thongs), tights, and ballet slippers, here is a video you should all watch:

Okay, it's not really like that but it's not that far from the truth. Of course, you shouldn't sign up for a dance class just to check out girls but dance is good for guys too. A lot of football players, wrestlers, and other athletes take ballet classes. It helps them maintain flexibility, stamina, and fast foot movements while being graceful. In ballet, petite allegro is a part of class where the dancers work on small, quick jumps. The more advanced a class is, the harder and faster the jumps are. This helps athletes because the jumps train you to move fast and not trip while doing crazy things with your feet. It would not be good if a football player was running to the end zone and tripped while trying to fake out another player. Dancers also stretch a lot because if they don't they can get hurt while dancing, same with athletes. Wrestlers get into crazy positions where flexibility is key. It could be the deciding factor on who wins the match. So for all you guys who think ballet is for wimpy males, think again!

Monday, February 22, 2010


This semester, I'm lucky enough to have an internship with a dance company in New York City. It is called Amy Marshall Dance Company. This weekend, they held auditions for their new season which will start in March. Being a dancer myself, I know how nerve-wracking it is to audition. Being on the accepting side of the audition is definitely a different experience. There were times at my past jobs and the studio where I danced at, where I held auditions, but this time was very different. In one way, it was professional in the sense that these people are auditioning as a way of getting an income where as at my studio for example, the girls were auditioning for a part in a production they are just doing for fun. Also at my studio, I know almost all the girls who are auditioning. Over the weekend, I didn't know any of the dancers and I knew if they didn't get accepted today, I would probably never see them again in my life.

So when the first couple of dancers showed up, they had to check in with me and then fill out a sheet agreeing to be able to work certain days if they were accepted. They also needed a head shot and resume. There were 3 different auditions and after those, there was the call-back period where the directors would like to see you again if called back. Like I said before, being the dancer in an audition is very scary especially if you really want the role. It's as if they are watching every single movement you make and making sure that it is perfect. And when they call out the names/numbers that they would like to see again, it seems as if they are never going to call you. If they do, its not over yet and if they don't, it over and see you later! So when I saw some people walking out of the audition room, looking so sad, I sympathized because I have been in that position before. But when it finally got cut down to the last 12 dancers, Amy and her husband Chad, told them that they were looking for only six dancers so half of them had to leave. They always mention how hard is it for them to choose when it gets down to only 12 out of 140 dancers, but that never seems like the truth when you are the only getting cut. But when you are the only who makes it and gets accepted, it is one of the best moments of your life. So as they were calling out the numbers that were assigned to certain people, I felt the butterflies in my stomach for the dancers I was looking at. It made me realize that it never changes depending on age. It is just as scary auditioning as an adult then a child or teen.

Check out Amy Marshall Dance Company


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York City Ballet

One of my favorite ballerinas is Sofiane Sylve. She has been in different professional ballet companies including San Francisco Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, and New York City Ballet. I only saw her perform while in NYCB but she was amazing. She performed one of the lead roles in A Midsummer Night's Dream at Lincoln Center and it made me fall in love with her dancing. There are videos on of her doing nine pirouettes (turns on one foot) in a row, its great.

New York City Ballet is one of my favorite ballet companies as well. Not only is it easy to see them because I live close to the city but its always been amazing! At the end of this month, New York City is performing an awesome piece called "Jewels." There are three different parts of this show, Rubies, Emeralds, and Diamonds and all the costumes are red, green and white. Student Rush tickets are $12 and it is totally worth seeing!