Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going for the Gold!

During break, the dance company that I intern for opened their tenth season in New York City. The performances took place at the Alvin Ailey studios on West 55th Street. They had three new world premieres; one of them inspired me to write this post. It was called "Going for the Gold!" and it was a dance choreographed inspired by the Olympics. This fifteen minute(!) piece was a high-energy, comical, three-part dance that went through the Olympic games like swimming, gymnastics, and of course the medal ceremonies. During the first part, dancers pretended as though they were swimming with the arm strokes. And other dancers were carried across the stage so they could actually stroke and kick. It was great. The gymnastics part was exactly how you would expect it to be with exaggerated poses and expressions. The medal ceremony was funny because they all wore gold headbands and were making fun of each other although they all got gold. It was a crazy piece!


  1. Completely agree...I ended up dropping Intermediate Ballet because of the same reasons you mentioned

  2. oops...that comment was meant for the blog below this one...confusing format (or maybe its just me lol)